Happiness Is…

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“It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit.” – Denis Waitley

Since the dawn of time, religious people, philosophers, scientists and artists have been pondering what happiness is.

However, they all failed to find a satisfactory answer, because what makes one person happy doesn’t make another happy. Happiness is subjective. 

Some people never even bothered to ask that question. Instead, they believed that life is one never ending hoarding game. They thought that achieving X, owning Y or being surrounded by Z will make them happy.

However the happiness they felt is fleeting; modern research has shown that achieving something doesn’t make a person happier but actually sadder. (I will not go into detail, but you can read it yourself in the book Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert)

This was because as Mark Manson powerfully wrote in his book Everything is Fucked, “Achieving something takes away the meaning that a purpose give to an individual.” 

Thus, the mind-fucking conclusion is this: getting what makes you happy will make you unhappy. 

So what then is happiness? 

After pondering this question for a very long time, I think I can safely conclude that happiness is found in the pursuit of happiness itself. 

Our expectation of happiness is what makes us happy. The moment we reached what we thought as our ‘final destination’ , another ‘final destination’ will emerge. This process of expecting and achieving goes on and on, all the way until we die.

Happiness is an illusion that keeps us dissatisfied and advance as a race…

I hope that you find this article useful and if you wanted to delve deeper into this topic, do read the book “Stumbling on Happiness” By Daniel Gilbert that greatly inspires this article. You can get it here or anywhere else you get your E-book.

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Magnus lives in Semarang, Indonesia. He is currently managing the family's business together with his dad and his elder brother. Magnus enjoys reading and recently he started writing his personal reflections.

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